The most haunting movie ever.

The most haunting movie ever.

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I’ve been thinking about making this list a long time ago. After suggesting many haunting movies And it is a little bit of a horror, but I can only feel recently that It’s time to come together to collect the movies that you recommend with a list of new haunting movies for your friends, brothers and sisters to take a look at each other. And here It’s the very beginning of the list making process.
Okay, let’s go see it. 100 of the most haunting movies of eternity. What will be the story? If something you missed, do not forget to go see it. Because it’s really haunting !!!

Goodnight Mommy (2015)
The movie tells about twins who started seeing something different with their mother. After my mother had surgery for plastic surgery A mother who never harmed them and always had fun together. Transformed into A perverted mother who likes to beat her child as saying The twins were so sure that “This woman is not their mother” and began to search for her true mother. Which it has caused The different spiritual stories that occur throughout the story.

Ringu (2008)
Reiko, a young reporter who learned of the death of her siblings. And I was told the strange story of a videotape that will make anyone who has watched it die within 7 days, which you feel is a sloppy. Until it was discovered that a friend of the siblings who had been watching the same video died on the same day. And makes you hunt for the truth Which you can look at the video roll yourself In the end, a strange story gently happens to you. Master of horror A girl in a swamp That anyone who has seen The video must die Extremely haunting until I really get stuck.

The Pact (2012)
The story of a family moving to a house sold at auction. Normal Until one day Strange events have happened in the house. When many people began to see the girl’s spirit energy. Items inside the house can be changed by themselves. The food in the refrigerator was eaten until almost empty. And at the worst, it means that the people of the house begin to disappear, each time the people are in a difficult position to the hand of the shaman who must come to find the secret of the invisibility of the people inside the house. And what you find is not a ghost. However, it is something more harsh.


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